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Learn How to Sell Software?

Learn How to Sell Software?

Reasons Why People Buy Software.

People have many different reasons why they buy products. It's your job to figure out  what reason(s) will persuade them to buy. The reasons are usually based on emotions  they want to experience rather than logical reasons.

Here are some reasons to get you started:

  1. They want to protect their computer, personal information and Internet usage.
  2. They want to do common or office tasks faster than before.
  3. They want to create and do things that would be to hard or impossible to do without software.
  4. They want to save time doing things quicker and faster than without software.
  5. They want sets of utilities that will do multiple tasks all at once.

Types Of Software To Sell.

There are many types of products you can sell. You just need to determine who your  target market is and what specific item they want. Or you could sell a couple different ones  in a package deal.

Here is a good list:

Anti virus





Web Publishing

Developer Tools













Operating Systems





Office Suites



Web Development

Words Or Phrases That Sell Software.

Just one simple word or phrase in your ad copy can be the difference whether a person buys or not. You need to use ones that will persuasively describe your product. You can use  them for headlines, benefits, features, p's; etc.

Here are some targeted words and phrases:

save time

easy to use

push button

multi task




minimal requirements


simple install

quick set up

fast loading

get organized

free support

fast download

runs smooth


step by step

just click

just log in


easy navigation



Graphics Or Images That Sell Software.

As you may know, pictures can sometimes sell better than words alone. People will project  themselves in the pictures and persuade themselves to buy the product. Even the colors of  your web site and graphics can trigger people to buy.

Here are some imagery ideas:

  1. People enjoying their computer.
  2. A persuasive screen shot of the software.
  3. The software brand's logo.
  4. Picture of the end result/benefit of using the software.
  5. A software character that helps them use the software.

Email marketing software

Stories That Sell Software.

In most sales letters, audio ads or video ads there is usually a mini story that advertisers  use to attract you to the product. Some people even imagine themselves in the story as  they hear it.

Here are some good story lines:

  1. How a person got a raise at work because the software saved time.
  2. A story about how a person made things on their computer for holiday gifts.
  3. How the software saved them money from not hiring a printer shop.
  4. A story about teaching kids how to use software to improve their grade.

Backend Products To Sell With Software.

Once a person decides to buy or becomes a customer it is a good idea to offer them another  product soon after because they are already in a buying mood. It's usually easier to sell to  an existing customer than a brand new prospect.

Here are some add on product ideas:

  1. An Upgraded Version Of The Software
  2. Special Computer Equipment That The Software Can Use
  3. A Step By Step Software Instructional Video
  4. Blank Items That The Software Can Use Like Paper, CDR's, DVD's, etc.

Bonus Or Content Ideas That Sell Software.

Mainly businesses or affiliates will give people information product bonuses or use content  on their web site to persuade them to buy. They also use them as incentives to get people to  subscribe to their opt-in list. 

Here are some bonus or content suggestions:

  1. A list of the top-rated software in each category.
  2. How to use the software for other tasks that it's not intended for.
  3. How to back up their software in case it quits working.
  4. How to recover their software after a computer crash.

Keywords And Phrases That Sell Software.

Tons of people like to promote their products in the search engines or with pay per click  ads because they are a good, high traffic resources. The main objective is to use or pick  the right keywords and phases that will increase your web site ranking or sell the best.

Here are some keywords and phrases to get you started:


business software

small business software

(type of software)

desktop software

accounting software

(brand of software)

software player

burning software

(name of software)

software developer

used software

free software

software games

productivity software

software applications

computer software

website software

software downloads

new software

media software

utilities software

systems software


software project

music software

free downloads

mobile software

anti virus software

buy software

Special Offers That Sell Software.

A lot of people decide to buy products because of a special offer or deal. People are  always looking of a good bargain or a extra incentive. People use logical reasons to buy  to backup their emotional wants and needs.

Here are some special offers examples:

  1. Free online download of other similar software.
  2. A discount on their next software purchase if they buy it within 6 months.
  3. Free updates of the software for life.
  4. A $10 coupon for when the next version of the software is released.

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