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Why Ecommerce businesses need Landing Pages?

Why Ecommerce Companies need Landing Pages?

As a marketer in ecommerce, you want to increase sales and average order value. You need to bring your products to market fast, showcase them in the best light, run effective promotions for sales and seasonal campaigns, and create multiple pages at any given time for different products and audiences. You also need the freedom to optimize pages on the go and gauge shopper interest before investing in new products.

Why Ecommerce Marketers Should Send Traffic to Landing Pages (Instead of Your Online Store)?

Storefront Product Pages

Lack focus: Distracting navigation, one-size-fits-all messaging, and competing calls to action can derail a shopper’s purchase momentum.

Can take too much time to update: Technical bottlenecks limit the ability to run store promotions especially quickly.

Make testing risky: Live store changes can be tricky and labor-intensive, increasing the time and effort needed to run experimental campaigns. Ecomm brands need a way to execute marketing campaigns faster.

Dedicated Landing Pages

Can convert up to 2X more visitors than online stores.

Cut out distractions with focused messaging and a single call to action.

Are quick to create and customize - Landing pages can be launched fast for new products, sales, seasonal promotions, and experimentation.

Create a more targeted shopper experience - A landing page’s copy, design, and CTA can be easily customized to exactly match the ad or email a shopper arrived from.

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Why Unbounce is the Most Powerful Choice for Ecommerce Brands?

Drag-and-drop design: Anyone can create beautiful, on-brand landing pages that showcase your product with high-resolution images, video backgrounds, and parallax scrolling.

Dynamic Text Replacement: Landing page copy can automatically match a shopper’s search terms to deliver the most relevant messaging.

100+ designer templates: High-converting templates can be easily customized to match your brand and publish pages even faster.

Ecommerce customization: Just a few lines of code can further customize pages with “Buy Now” buttons, review widgets, and more.

Promotional Sticky Bars: Upsell, cross-sell, and put limited-time deals, discount codes, or new product promotions front and center.

Risk-free testing: Experimenting with new product ideas, messaging, and design is simple with built-in A/B Testing and AI-powered Unbounce Smart Traffic.

Granular targeting: Popups can be added to any landing— or web—page to highlight specific promotions and build email lists for lookalike audiences.

Lightning-fast page load times: Unbounce Speed Boost, Auto Image Optimizer, and AMP load product landing pages load before shoppers can even think to bounce.